Our philosophy We believe all people are inherently creative and want to create a welcoming environment for people with various levels of experience to collaborate, get new ideas & be inspired. We hope to foster the idea of finding artistic inspiration from the world around us and applying similar techniques to multiple forms of media including ceramics, clay, glass and mosaic work. We look forward to implementing new projects ideas inspired by the multi-media approach. 

​Davicia Van De Venter has always had a strong passion for art and has 10 years experience in the industry. She loves spending time painting, drawing, doing pottery, cooking, and wood carving. She started as a lead counselor at a summer day camp in charge of all crafts and creative activities. Then she pursued her culinary arts degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and loves to experiment in the kitchen with food and fun plate presentations. She currently works for Studio 2 You teaching clay art and paint your own pottery classes. She is a hands on person who loves helping others create unique artwork.

A Mobile Fired Arts Company