Auction Projects are a great way to showcase kids' artwork and make money for your school or organization. Finished projects are glazed and fired to cone 06. All materials are non-toxic and food safe.

How It Works
 Choose the pottery you wish to paint from our on-line bisque catalog. Click here for our current price list OR click here for some other great auction project ideas and pricing.
 We bring all supplies including ceramic bisque, glazes, stamps, stencils, idea books and more to your location.
3  We provide all set up, clean-up & instruction including creative tips and technique ideas.
 We take your project back to our studio to be over-glazed and fired in our kiln.
5  We deliver your finished project back to you!

Pricing/Project Ideas
Click here for current auction project ideas/pricing
Custom work charged at $35/hr

Photo Gallery
Click here for auction project photo gallery
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